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The Rocket FT-NIR near infrared (NIR) Spectrometer

The Rocket FT-NIR near infrared (NIR) Spectrometer

Compact Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTIR) for near infrared spectroscopy.  


The FT-NIR Rocket is a fibered scanning Fourier Transform Spectrometer new fibered FTIR Module robustness combined   with compact design. Thanks to icts reference solid state laser and Its sealed self compensated interferometer this new generation of NIR spectrometers Requires minimal service effort.

The Rocket FTNIR shows a high intensity and wavelength stability All which makes the device suitable for reproducible chemiometric alanalysis. Also the single ph o to -diode detection insured no defect pixels , no gain fluctuation and no dark current fluc situation s Allows pricing and attractive. Also the device Does not Suffer from second or third order spectral ghost contributions as grating spectrometers.


  • High stability in wavelength position and intensity (no baseline drift)
  •  High precision wavelength (ideal for peak detection)
  •  No baseline drift (due to device principle)
  •  High resolution (1-9 nm)
  •  USB powered
  •  Fibered system (NIR multimode fib re s)
  •  Wide wavelength range (0.9-2.6 m m)
  •  No second order spectral contributions
  •  Cost effective (NIR single photodiode)

 Arcoptix Fourier Transform IR and NIR spectrometers :

 Arcoptix offers a variety of spectrometers and detectors interferometers HAVING different kind. The table below summaries the   different models available. Notice That Special wishes can be Fulfilled on demand.


Models NIR 0. 9 -1.7 NIR 0. 9 -2.6 Rocket IR ( Link) Rocket IR ( Link) HT-NIR ( link )
Spectral Range [nm] 0.9-1.7 m 0.9-2.6 m 2.0-6.0 m 2.0-12 m 0.9-1.7 m
Signal-to-Noise (single measurementdynamic full detector used, Ratio betweens baseline and white light source measurement) > 2000:1 > 2000:1 > 2000:1 > 2000:1 > 300:1 
Ideal for diffuse samples
Detector Type InGaAs PIN InGaAs PIN Cooled MCT with optically immersed lens Cooled MCT with optically immersed lens Cooled InGaAs 
512 (pixel detector array)


For more information, please download the specification sheet.

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