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Smart Class E1 Tester

Smart Class E1 Tester
  • The latest member of the SmartClass product family, addresses today's E1 Service Testing demands.
  • It is an economical, yet easy-to-use handheld point solution suitable for tier-1 field technicians.
  • With its AutoConfig feature and color display, the lightweight, rugged, battery operated tester enables providers and contractors to install and commission service.
  • It also meets the needs of mobile operators in the construction of E1 backhaul infrastructure.
  • Color display
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and rugged for E1 service installation
  • Smart AutoConfig required minimal training of the field technicians
  • Works with PC software to download results for report preparation
  • The User Interface is available in multiple languages
  • Dual ports for bi-directional monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Terminate, Monitor, Bridge, and Local Loopback modes
  • G.703 - 2Mbit/s testing
  • 2M (Bulk), nx64kbit/s BERT
  • Performance G.821, G.826, and M.2100
  • Audio Monitor (VF drop)
  • VF level and frequency measurements, VF tone insert
  • E1 signal level measurement
  • ABCD/Sa monitoring
  • Round Trip Delay
  • Alarms (Defects) and Errors (Anomalies) insert

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