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Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

SCF Extraction/Reaction Vessels: Full Range of Pressure Vessels

Whatever your SCF extraction/reaction needs, we have the extraction/reaction pressure vessel for the job. With the unique large oven capacity of the Spe-ed SFE systems, we have pressure vessels for multiple processing or large sample processing needs. Pressure vessels range from 5mL to 1 liter for laboratory SCF systems, and to 1000s of liters in production size systems. All our stainless steel pressure vessels are rated for 10,000 psi. Endcaps and frits are included.

Also available are an assortment of laboratory SCF pressure vessel accessories:

  • pressure vessel baskets
  • pressure vessels caps
  • emergency pressure relief device
  • oven brackets and supports
  • in-line cartridges
  • vessel wrenches
  • polypropylene frits
  • teflon frits
  • metal frits
  • filling funnels
  • seals
  • tamping rods
  • liquid sample extraction kit
  • available for Low Temperatures (to 150 degrees C) or
  • available for High Temperatures (to 240 degrees C)
SCF Pressure Vessels

For process systems, vessels are custom sized to meet your needs. Production size vessels include the following features:

  • stainless steel
  • rugged covers and nut cap design
  • quick and easy connection of input and output ports
  • integral cover port for safety head with rupture disc
  • integral cover port for thermocouple to monitor internal vessel temperature
  • designed to meet ASME/ASTM standards
  • vessels made of other metal alloys, e.g. inconel, monel, hasteloy, are available for specialty applications, like supercritical water

Pressure Vessel Caps

100mL and 300mL vessel lids are available in one port or two port configurations.

All one liter and 500 mL SCF vessels have interchangeable caps. Choose between a 5-Port vessel lid, a 5-Port vessel lid with a large center port, and a single port vessel lid. This allows for great flexibility and control in processing samples.

The ports allow for the insertion of probes, thermocouples, fiber optics, illumination, and more. You can introduce a stirrer and/or meter in reactants and modifiers. You can "thief" samples. When the ports are not needed, merely insert the threaded plug. The possibilities are endless.

The 500mL and 1L vessels can be purchased with any of the three different lids. The vessel lids are interchangable. Additional lids can be purchased, and they will fit your 500mL or 1L vessel.

5-Port Lid with Probe

5-Port Lid

Pressure Vessel Basket

Devices for easily removing contents from a pressure vessel after extraction/reaction.

Applied Separations’ Teflon vessel baskets aid in the efficiency of your extraction work flow. Now you can load your samples into the basket and easily insert and remove it from the vessel. You no longer need to remove the sample from the vessel itself.

The baskets are made to fit 300mL, 500mL and 1L size vessels, with interchangeable stainless steel frits. Frits pore size ranges from 5µ to 200µ

Since all baskets fit snugly in their vessel, there is no bypass. All the CO2 goes through the basket.

Baskets for specific applications or your special requirements (for example MIM parts) are also available, please inquire.)

Vessel Dimensions

5mL Vessel

1" O.D. x 5.125" O.L.
.390" I.D. x 2.24" I.L.

10mL Vessel

1" O.D. x 5.125" O.L.
.560" I.D. x 2.24" I.L.

24mL Vessel

1" O.D. x 8.875" O.L.
.560" I.D. x 5.9" I.L.

32mL Vessel

1" O.D. x 10.5" O.L.
.560" I.D. x 8" I.L.

50mL Vessel

1" O.D. x 15.25" O.L.
.560" I.D. x 12.72" I.L.

100mL Vessel

2.25" O.D. x 9.57" O.L.
1.25 " I.D. x 4.97" I.L.

300mL Vessel

3.5" O.D. x 11.42" O.L.
2" I.D. x 5.87" I.L.

500mL Vessel

4.75" O.D. x 9.49" O.L.
3" I.D. x 4.49" I.L.

1000mL Vessel

4.75" O.D. x 13.63" O.L.
3" I.D. x 8.62" I.L.

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