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Tunable Laser

Tunable Laser
TU Series
Photonics Industries' patented TU series of Ti:Sapphire lasers are nanosecond pulse width lasers that have a tunable wavelength range of 700 to 960 nm and 193 to 480 nm. They operate at a high repetition rate while providing mJ of energy with a very narrow line width. The TU series combines our field proven diode pumped Nd:YAG or Nd:YLF pump lasers with our Ti:Sapphire oscillator to provide a reliable and efficient tunable laser in a complete compact package. There are two versions of the TU series, the TU-L, which addresses high pulse energy at relatively low repetition rates (single shot to 4 kHz) and the TU-H (up to 10 kHz) which is for high repetition rate applications.
  • Assembled in a clean room environment
  • Narrow Bandwidth 1 to 3 GHz
  • Patented OPO Generation Technology
  • mJ level Energy/pulse
  • Broad Tuning form 700 to 970nm
  • Harmonic from 193-500nm
  • External TTL Triggering
  • High Repetition Rate to 4KHz
  • Computer wavelength scanning (100 MHz/step)
  • Multi-pass Amplifier Ti Watts level UV Output
  • TEM00 Mode Beam Profile
  • RS232 Computer Control
OPO Series
Photonics Industries' DS Series OPO represents the FIRST commercially available Optical Parametric Oscillator to produce pulse rates at a high repetition rate of up to 50 kHz. The DS OPO produce peak power output of up to 300 kWatts with milli-Joule levels of energy per pulse, at kHz repetition rates. It can also produce 10 Watts of average power at a repetition rate of approximately 10 kHz. These lasers are produced with either a fixed wavelength, or continuously tunable wavelength in the region of 1.5 μm to 3.4 μm.
  • Diode Pumped Technology
  • Patented OPO Generation Technology
  • TEM00 Beam
  • Pulse Rates from Single Shot to 50kHz
  • mJ Pulse Energy at kHz Repetition Rates
  • RS232 Computer Control

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