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Koheras Fiber Lasers

Koheras Fiber Lasers

Koheras X15 - The World's Most Silent Industrial Fiber Lasers

The X15 is the pinnacle of industrial low noise lasers featuring ultra low phase noise well below 1 µrad/√Hz combined with a narrow Hz-range linewidth – performance normally only found in costly scientific systems. The BASIK X15 is an industrial OEM laser module designed for 24/7 operation and it can provide 30mW output power anywhere in the 1535-1585nm range.

  • Industry leading low phase noise
  • Extremely narrow linewidth
  • Stable single frequency operation
  • Industrial OEM packaging
  • Integrated function generators
  • PM output
  Koheras BASIK X15

Koheras X15 phase noise


Frequency noise

The X15 module features an industry leading low frequency noise down to <5 Hz/√Hz —unprecedented in industrial OEM laser modules. The robust, single frequency and the low noise operation makes the X15 laser the preferred choice for the coherent sensing industry, and the ultra low frequency noise is a key laser parameter when it comes to sensitivity and accuracy obtained in a sensing system. The plot below compares a typical frequency and phase noise measurement of a BASIK X15 with a BASIK E15.

ACOUSTIK multichannel integration

Need several wavelengths in one system? The BASIK module can be integrated into a multichannel system using the ACOUSTIK integration rack that can hold up to 16 channels. The ACOUSTIK provides power and control to all modules for easy integration and channels can be added or changed as needed. When higher output power is needed, slots can also be allocated for amplifier modules.


Koheras ACOUSTIK X15

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