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The FTIR-Rocket Infrared Spectrometer

The FTIR-Rocket Infrared Spectrometer

A miniature Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTIR) based on innovative micro-mechanical technology for infrared technology spectroscopy.

Product description:


The 3rdgeneration FTIR module combines robustness  with compact design. Thanks to its solid state reference laser and its sealed self compensated interferometer this new generation of FTIR has reduced sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and vibrations.High sensitivity of the spectrometer is guaranteed by the Peltier cooled MCT detector. The FTIR-Rocket is also available in a modular version with an independent detector, interferometer and illumination module. All this module can be connected to each other and are linos compatible. User can make easily its own setup.These units have also an embedded microprocessor with built-in digital signal processor, running a stand-alone OS. Reliable computer interfacing is made via Ethernet using a TCP/IP protocol or USB. With battery power, the FTIR module can be used as portable stand-alone system.

The FTIR modules can be integrated with the adequate measurement module such as diffuse reflection, ATR, Transmission or white cell. Finally a compact robust and cost effective solution can be found for almost every application. Users can design its own optical setup thanks to the linos compatible modular system. Also we have standard fibered version available up to 12 mm and we have the necessary fibers available in stock.

● Compact (world Smallest FTIR)
● Stand alone portable system
● Fibered version available up to 12 mm
● High resolution 4cm-1
● Peltier cooled MCT detector, 5000-830 cm-1 (2 to 12 mm)
● Embbeded DSP (optional)
Ethernet and USB connectivity
● Modular version
● Cost effective


Figure : FTIR Interferometer module (linos compatible)


Models of the FTIR-Rocket:

The FTIR-Rocket spectrometers offers several configurations with standard two stage TE cooled IR photovolataic (Hg,Te, Cd) Zn detectors. Therefore, we supply a a choice of 2 standard instruments.On request we can fit the detector to your needs.


Models FTIR-Rocket
5000-830 cm-1
5000-1700 cm-1
Spectral Range [mm] 2.0-12 mm 2.0-6 mm
Signal-to-Noise (single measurementfull detector dynamic used, Ratio between baseline and white light source measurement) > 1:5000 > 1:5000
Detector Type MCT (TE cooled) MCT (TE cooled)
Modular system Available Available
Fibre available - transparent (usuable wvelength range) 3.0-12 mm 2.0-8 mm


For more information, please download the spefication sheet.



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