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AZURA: HPLC systems and modules

AZURA: HPLC systems and modules

AZURA — Combinable elements for individual HPLC solutions

The new AZURA line of elements has been designed to provide highly adaptable HPLC solutions with up-to-date features. AZURA will offer you reliable technology, extensible equipment, and flexibility in your choice of applications, making the instruments a future-proof investment.

  • versatile

  • reliable and safe

  • energy efficient

  • practical and colorful

  • What do you expect from your next HPLC system?

Elegant design, user friendly handling, advanced safety aspects,

and intuitive control „Made in Germany“!


  • How do you explain HPLC?

The AZURA Educational system is a complete HPLC system,

specially designed for the education of future HPLC professionals.


  • How much space does your HPLC need on your lab bench?

AZURA Compact HPLC: Ultimate flexibility on minimal space!                                                                                                            


  •  What is your analytical HPLC challenge today?

AZURA Analytical HPLC is the complete solution for your daily HPLC routine.

  •   Which functions do you need in your preparative HPLC?

AZURA Preparative HPLC, suitable for large sample volumes,

features easy fraction collection, peak and solvent recycling!


  •  How do you control your HPLC system?

With the AZURA Mobile Control App by KNAUER,

you can control selected AZURA devices on your tablet.


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