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Handheld Hyperspectral Imager

OCI-1000 Handheld Hyperspectral Imager

BaySpec’s Handheld OCI-1000™ Hyperspectral Imager brings for the first time high performance Hyperspectral imaging in a compact handheld form factor weighing less than 0.5 lbs. (227 g). The OCI-1000 Imager acquires full, continuous VNIR Hyperspectral data with excellent spectral resolution and sensitivity.
OCI-1000 Handheld Hyperspectral Imager

High-end spectral imagers used in satellite, airborne or stand-off surveillance systems, although revolutionary, are still expensive, bulky and complex to use.  Bulky glass lenses, spectrometers and the mechanical movements to achieve focus and zoom are hampering the development of truly compact high-quality spectral imagers. BaySpec has developed a highly-integrated spectral imager that provides a detailed view of the spectrum for every point in an image.  By integrating this capability on an image sensor, at the level of the chip itself, we remove the need for expensive, bulky and complex optics that are used as scientific instruments today.  The result is a fast spectral imager with on-board computer and display that is battery operated weighing only 0.5 lbs.  It can be installed on miniature UAV drones or conveyor belts in production lines.  Eventually, small handhelds could be adapted for use in outpatient medical clinics to check our skin for melanoma or other illnesses.

The complexity, size and cost of today’s hyperspectral imagers limit their usefulness.  With BaySpec’s miniaturized Hyperspectral OCI-1000™ handheld device based on low-cost semiconductor manufacturing processes, the cost of generating Hyperspectral images will drop significantly enabling them to be used more frequently and at more sampling points.  The benefits will be seen in real-time identification of food-borne illnesses during agricultural sorting and processing, rapid non-invasive assessment of healthy or diseased tissue in ambulatory surgery centers, and wider use of miniaturized drones or UAVs for crop or emergency rescue efforts, to name a few.

Key Features

  • A hyperspectral imager in your palm
  • Innovative, fully integrated image sensor and computer in a handheld size
  • Wide range of objective lenses for wide angle to close-up views
  • High-resolution touch screen
  • Ultra lightweight, compact and easy to use


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