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Full Range / High Resolution Field Portable UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR Spectroradiometers

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Field Portable Handheld
Spectroradiometers  are the perfect field instruments for many
applications including mineral reflectance, vegetative studies, soil
research and ground truthing of airborne hyperspectral data.

Our field portable, remote sensing units offer the following
advanced features:

  • 100% linear photodiode array platform- with InGaAs and
    silicon detectors for best resolution and sensitivity @ 350-
    2500nm ranges
  • Fast, full spectrum UV-VIS-NIR measurements with one-touch
    operation- autoexposure & auto dark current shutter
  • Diffraction grating / beam splitter optics- no moving gratings
    or trifurcated fiber optics to break in the field
  • No internal fiber optics- allows maximum sensitivity and S/N
    ratio with higher performance direct FOV lens optics
  • Industry standard optional SMA fiber optic connection for
    easy interchangeability
  • Lightweight (<7 lbs with slide-in LiIon rechargeable battery)
    and easy to carry
  • Bluetooth interface for wireless operation

Features unique to SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Portables include:


  • Li-Ion slide-in rechargeable batteries (2 provided) with
    separate external charger for continuous, uninterrupted use
  • Software for both Windows-based laptops and bluetooth-
    compatible personal digital assistant (PDA) for maximum
  • Membrane control panel for stand-alone operation without a
    computer (includes flash memory to hold 1000 scans)
  • Snap-on battery-operated cooling fan option for stable
    performance in extreme high-temperature conditions
  • Nylon carrying strap with sturdy, reinforced eyelets for added
  • Laser guide to aid in target sighting with foreoptics
    (spectroradiometers only)
  • Tripod mounting holes


PSR+ field spectrorsadiometer

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