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Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

The TRACE Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) is an ideal solution for a wide range of elemental analysis applications. Equipped with refined optics, cutting-edge graphite furnace technology, a solid PTFE spray chamber and the most advanced, all-in-one autosampler on the market, the TRACE is the perfect solution for both labs and industrial settings alike.

The TRACE Series is customizable with various combinations of flame, graphite furnace and vapor/hydride generator atomizers to meet the user’s specific needs. The instrument is uniquely designed for a quick, motorized transition between flame, graphite furnace and vapor/hydride generator atomizers - perfect for the analysis of a wide range of elements with minimal downtime. Furthermore, features like an auto-aligned six-lamp turret, online dilution and Fast Dry technology minimize intervention and provide rapid testing of samples.

Atomic absorption spectroscopy is common not only in traditional laboratory settings but also in hospitals and industrial settings, including serum, metallurgical, fertilizer, petrochemical, wastewater and paint testing. Undoubtedly, TRACE Atomic Absorption Spectrometers have been created with the user in mind. The AISPEC software allows users to quickly and easily develop their own unique methods or select from the software’s saved templates based on conventional procedures.

TRACE Configurations


The TRACE AI1200 is Aurora’s most popular atomic absorption spectrometer which combines advanced features with excellent quality.

Atomizer combinations include:

Flame | Flame/Graphite Furnace | Flame/Vapor-Hydride Generator | Flame/Graphite Furnace/Vapor-Hydride Generator. Aurora’s advanced autosampler is available on all these configurations

TRACE 1300

The TRACE 1300 is Aurora’s most advanced atomic absorption spectrometer. With even better optics and the ability to pipette out of 96-well plates, this spectrometer is the perfect solution for labs carrying out advanced spectroscopy applications.

Flame/Graphite Furnace/Autosampler | Flame/Graphite Furnace/Vapor-Hydride Generator/Autosampler



  • Fully inert Teflon spray chamber
  • Titanium burner head
  • Built-in high efficiency nebulizer
  • Automatic optimization of the gas flow rate

Graphite Furnace

  • Transversely heated for spatially isothermal heating conditions
  • Industry leading GF tube heating rate
  • Fast Dry technology improves sensitivity, reproducibility and detection limits while decreasing analysis time

Vapor/Hydride Generator

  • Extremely low detection limits for mercury and hydride-forming elements
  • Revolutionary highly efficient gas-liquid separator

Auto sampler

Extensive experience in robotics development is behind the creation of the most advanced autosampler on the market, available only from Aurora. These units can sample from virtually an unlimited number of tubes, vials and bottles therefore reducing manual intervention and human error.

Online Dilution

Flame and Flame/GF (with autosampler) TRACE Spectrometers can carry out online dilution, a feature that reduces hands-on time by completing automated sample dilution and calibration curve creation from a standard solution.

AISPEC Software

AISPEC Software is designed to give users complete control of all parameters required to achieve optimal instrument performance. Key features of AISPEC software include:

  • Single and batch run modes
  • Real-time data output
  • Adjustable wavelength scanning range and speed
  • LIMS support
  • FDA Title 21 Part 11 Compliance


TRACE Atomic Absorption Spectrometers are equipped with extensive safety interlocks to ensure complete user protection. These include:

Electronic interlocks to detect:

  • Combustion head type
  • Gas Pressure
  • Liquid Trap Level
  • Flame Status
  • Atomizer Installation

Power Outage Protection:

  • Automatic gas valve closure
  • Internal air tank to prevent flashback

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